” Prayer was made without ceasing”

To show the power of God .He is with those who put their faith and trust in Him.


Herod was a very cruel and wicked king and he liked to please the leaders of the people.He had taken the apostle James and killed him with the sword.He was beheaded.The rulers of the Jews were very happy about this. They did not like the apostles,because they spoke about jesus. Herod sent his soldiers out to arrest Peter and then locked him up inside the prison.sixteen soldiers were told to keep watch to make sure that Peter did not escape! They took it in turns-four soldiers at a time.


All the time Peter was in prison,the ecclesia in Jerusalem gathered together and kept praying for his safety.They  knew that only God could save Peter now.


Then,the very night before Herod was to have Peter Killed an amazing thing happened. Peter was  a sleep with two soldiers chained to him.At the door two more soldiers kept guard Suddenly angel appeared before Peter and all the room was filled with light.The angel woke Peter by striking him on His side and said, Arise up quickly Peter stood up . The heavy chains which had held him to the soldiers now fell to the floor. “Gather up your clothes and put on your sandals”,said the angel.Peter did so.

Now put on your cloak and follow me” peter obeyed the angel but it seemed to him that it was all happening in a dream. They passed the first guard and then the second and came  to the iron which led to the city.To Peter’s surprise the gate opened without anybody touching it. The angel led one street with him,suddenly disappeared.

when peter saw where he was he realized that he had not been dreaming at all. He said ,now I know it is true that God sent His angel and rescued me from Herod.


Peter hurried to the house where many of the brethren and sisters were gathered praying for was the house of Mary,the mother of  John Mark. Peter knocked at the out side gate and a girl called Rhoda came to ask who was there.When she heard Peter’s voice she was so excited that,instead of letting Peter in she ran and told every one that Peter was standing outside at Gate.”You must be mad” they replied.Even though they had been praying for peter  to be set free,they did not believe that God could have answered their prayers just like that.Rhoda was sure it was Peter.”It must have been a messenger from him,” they said.

But Peter kept on knocking.when they opened the door they found it really on knocking. when they opened the door they found it really was Peter just as Rhoda had told them.They were amazed but overjoyed that God had delivered him out of the prison. Peter told the brethren and sisters all about his escape and asked them to tell the other brethren. He then left for another place where he would be safe from Herod and the rulers of the Jews.


Back at the prison,very early in the morning as among as soon as the daylight appeared,there was a great commotion among the guards. Whatever had become of Peter? Herod searched for him too and when he could not be found,Herod questioned the guards . Then he had them put to death. what a wicked man he was.But not long after that ,God sent an awful disease upon Herod and he died.

Brief  :  The brethren and sisters earnestly prayed to God for Peter to be let out of prison but they were very surprised when he was set free! Let us always remember that God hears the prayers of those who truly believe and trust him.He answers our prayers in the way that He knows is best.

  • Herod , a wicked king ,wanted to please the rulers of the Jews by killing Peter.
  • While Peter was in prison the ecclesia prayed earnestly for his safety.
  • An angel appeared in the night and led Peter out of the locked,heavenly guarded prison.
  • Peter went to the house where the brethren and sisters had been praying.
  • God answers the prayers of those who put their faith and trust in him.
  • The wicked are always punished.

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