100 Hours : That’s how long it would take for an average reader to read the whole Bible,cover to cover-100 hours.That’s just over 4 days. We could sit,without sleep or food,and read the bible non-stop for the rest of the year.At least we could if we saw reading the Bible as challenge to be attempted once and then never again.

Bible reading just isn’t like that .It isn’t just a feat of endurance or something “we did once” it’s a lifetime’s worth of absorbing and taking on board divine ideas ,divine ideals and divine perspectives.There is some thing about God and his ways which we can learn on each page-however many times we ‘ ve read it .Bible reading is about consistency over time,However we achieve constancy,whether through a system of reading or a method of our own, a daily reminder of divine ways and our calling to share in  them should make our lives richer both now,and ,when the Lord return, forever.

“This is eternal life,that they know you the only true God,and Jesus Christ who you have sent”(John17:3)

Valued options-or not

When we value someone’s opinion in life we listen as hard as we can; we make a note to remember what they have said why then do God’s opinions some times (or often) get ignored when he speaks to us through the words his book? The words which are in the Lord’s book of wisdom are words to be valued,divine instruction to be noted and followed,divine direction as to the route our lives should take.

Is it simply because we have to make an effort and pick up a book with words written in ink on a page that we hesitate to listen ? If God spoke to us directly with the voice of thundering ,as was the case at Sinai , would we fear to listen?  If the Lord Jesus Christ stood next to us and spoke the words which are recorded on the page , would we listen any better than we do now? peraps we like to think we would -or would we still make the same excuse?

*”Too hard- This is a hard saying, who can listen to it? After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him.(John 6:60-66).

Too much effort” Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.. he who has ears to hear,let him hear” ( Luke 14: 25- 35)

Got ( more important) things to do first” ” Lord,let me first go and bury my father..”(Luke 9:59,60)


The book we are able to hold in our hands ,often in our own language,is full of power: power to enable us to understand the mind of our God who has revealed the mind of our God who has revealed himself to us through its page;power to make our lives one dominated by spiritual and not natural things; power to change us.

But  only if we read it.


100 hours of our years is not much -it translates into a bare minimum of about 20 minites a day . consistent reference to the word of God will enrich our live. it reminds us of the importance of what we believe,who we believe in and why we believe it .it will direct our path and it will direct our life( psalm119:105)

Quotations from the ES V (how many did you look up?

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