” We will eat nothing until we have slain Paul”

To show that the cleverest plans of the wicked can be easily overthrown by God’s power.


The Chief Captain of the Roman soldiers still needed to know why the Jews had wanted to kill Paul. So the following day he called the rulers of Jews together and sent Paul down to stand before them.But the meeting did not go well either. The Jews ended up arguing amongst themselve and become very angry.The chief Capptain was afraid that Paul would be attacked again.So Paul was hastily brought back inside tha catle.


Poor Paul! He must have felt very unhappy.But God had not forgotten him. That night the lord Jesus Christ appeared to him and said,” Take courage Paul,for as you have testified of me in Jerusalem,so must you bear witness also at Rome.” How these words from Jesus must have encouraged Paul. God was giving him strength to face the troubles that were ahead.


Now Paul’s enemies thought of another plot to kill him. More than forty jews banded together and promised that they would not eat or drink anything until they had killed Paul. They came to the Chief priests and scribes and said,”Ask the Chief Captain to bring Paul downto you tomorrow .tell him you want to question Paul.We will be ready to kill him as he comes down.”


But a young man overheard their plan.The young man was Paul’s nephew.He came quickly to Paul and told him what he had heard.Paul listened carefully to his story and then called for a soldier to take the young man before the  Chief Captain privately. When the Chief Captain heard the plot,he sent Paul’s nephew away but told him not to tell anyone else.”Tell nobody that you have told me this” he said.

In this way God made known the wicked plan of Paul’s enemies to the Chief Captain himself.The Chief Captain soon thought of a way to save Paul’s life.


The Chief Captain issued his orders to save Paul from the hands of his enemies.He called two centurions to him and gave them  a command  ” Make ready two hundred soldiers to go to caesarea, with seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen at the third hour of the night,and bring paul safely unto Felix the Governor.” The Chief Captain Immediately wrote a letter to send to Felix the Roman Governor ,He was sure Paul had done nothing worthy of death.

And so at nine o’clock that night ,four hundred and seventy soldiers,with Paul in the midst of them,rode out of Jerusalem.Into the night they marched,down  the road to Caesarea.The  following day they reached the streets of that city and brought Paul in safely before Felix,the Roman Governor.


Paul’s enemies had met early in the morning to plan to kill Paul.Their plan was a clever one and seemed certain to succeed. But they did not know that God had a different plan.No matter what men may plan to do to us,god always watches over us.  We should learn from this to trust in God. God gives us strengthens us and encourages us.

We remember that:

* When Paul was unhappy the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in the night and encouraged him.

*Paul’s enemies plotted to kill him secretly.

*Paul’s nephew overheard their plans and told Paul.

*70 horsemen and 200 spearmen and 200 soldiers took Paul safely to Felix the Roman Governor by night.

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