” Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work where unto  I have called them.”

To show how God provides special workers to teach the Good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ.”


God had a special work for Paul to do .Remember that the Lord Jesus had said,”He is a chosen vessel unto me.”(Lesson 7)He was the apostle special chosen to travel to many countries preaching the Gospel to Jews and Gentiles. On his journey he had helpers. The first of these helpers was a disciple named Barnabas.

One day while Paul and Barnabas were worshiping together with some other disciples,God spoke to them and said, “separate me Barnabas and Saul (that is ,Paul) for the work w hereunto I have called them.” There was no doubt that God was calling them to leave their brethren and preach the gospel to others.


Their first journey was across the sea to the island of Cyprus. When they landed they looked for the synagogue. They always did this first ,so that they could teach their Jewish brethren about the Lord Jesus Christ. So they traveled from one end of the island to the other till they came to paphos,the chief city of Cyprus.


At paphos they met the Roman governor,sergius Paul. He was a sensible man and listened carefully to what paul and Barnabas had to say.He became very interested and asked them to tell him more about the word of God . But there was another man there with the governor,who tried to stop him listening to the apostles.His name was Elymas and he was a false prophet,a jew who told lies.He argued with Paul and Barnabas and wanted the governor to take no  notice of what they said.


Paul could tell what a wicked man Elymus was .He knew that he was speaking lies to turn the governor away from hearing the Gospel.God would teach Elymas a lesson.. He gave Paul the power to perform an amazing miracle to punish Elymas.

” The hand of the Lord is upon thee”,Paul said to Elymas ,”and thou shalt be blind,not seeing the sun for a season.Straight away darkness fell upon him and he had to ask for someone to lead him by the hand.

The Governor was astonished .This amazing miracle was enough to make him believe the thhings that Paul had been speaking about the Gospel.

See how hard Paul and Barnabas worked to preach the Gospel.They went on long and tiring journeys wherever God sent them.They never complained even when people would not listen to the word of God,but kept on preaching.  We too must learn to understand the gospel and make sure that we teach others the truth too.That is what God wants us to do.

Brief: * Paul was specially chosen to preach the gospel.

*He had helpers such as Barnabas.

*They went to Cyprus.

*They spoke in the synagogue first.

At pap-hos the governor listened carefully.

*Elymas,the false prophet, argued with Paul and Barnabas.

*God gave Paul power to make Elymas blind.

*The governor was amazed at the miracle and believed.

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