“I have many people in this city”

To show how friends  in the truth can encourage and help us along the way to the Kingdom.


Another city that Paul came to in his travels was Corinth. In Corinth he met a Jew named Aquila and his wife who was named Priscilla. Priscilla and Aquila loved the Bible.


Aquila and Priscilla earned their living by making tents Paul was a tent-maker too. He stayed with Aquila and Priscilla and they worked together, they talked about the word of God.


E very Sabbath day Paul would go to the synagogue in Corinth and preach the truth.But the people there did not want to listen when he told them that Jesus was the promised Savior. So Paul left the synagogue and went to the house next door. Justus,the man who lived there worshiped God and he did not mind Paul using his house.Many people from Corinth came there and heard the Gospel preached.Even  the chief ruler of the synagogue, Crispus,believed and his household too and they all were baptized.


Then  God spoke to Paul in a vision and said” Do not be afraid,but speak. Do not keep quiet. For I am with you and no man shall hurt you for I have many people in this city”

Paul knew then what God wanted him to do. He sated there at Corinth for a year and a half and kept on teaching the Word of God among them. He was not afraid for he knew that God was working through him to save many people there.

There are two letters in the Bible which Paul later wrote to the believers at Corinth- first and second Corinthians.


Paul became very fond of Aquila and Priscilla.  He loved them dearly. They went with him sometimes on his journeys.

At one time they even risked their lives to save Paul’s life.He called them” my helpers in Christ Jesus’. The ecclesia often held their meetings in the home of Aquila and Priscilla.


Priscilla and Aquila were very happy together because they both loved to learn about God. They were both waiting for the Kingdom of God. So was Paul. This is why they were so happy together and such good friends . We also should only choose friends who love the things of God.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Paul call us his helpers when he is raised from the dead again? If we learn the things of the Bible and do them, then we can be sure that he will do this.

*  Paul stayed with Priscilla and Aquila at Corinth.

* They were tent makers like Paul.

* Paul preached the Gospel from the home of Justus and  many believed.

* God encouraged Paul in a vision by night.

*Paul loved Aquila and Priscilla dearly.

* We should only chose friends who love the things of God.


” What must I do to be saved?”

To show God’s power to save those who are His and that good may come of trouble.


Paul and Silas were in the prison at Philippi. Their feet were locked in the stocks.It was midnight and those two faithful brethren were praying and singing praises to God. The other prisoners there heard them.

Suddenly there was a great earthquake.  The foundations of the prison shook and the doors of the prison burst open.

All the prisoners’chains fell off.

The jailor woke up with a start and saw that the prison doors were open.He thought that all the prisoners had escaped and that he would be put to death.So he took out his sword to kill himself.


But Paul called out in a loud voice, “Do yourself no harm: for we are all here.” The jailor called for a light .He ran into the prison, trembling and keeled at the feet of Paul and Silas. When he had brought them out he said,”Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

They said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ ,and thou shalt be saved,and thy house.” And they preached the Gospel to the jailor and his household,then and there.  Next,the jailor gently bathed Paul and Silas’sore backs where they had been beaten. How humble he would have been to think that Paul and Silas’ sufferings had made it possible for him to learn the Truth and be saved. Then the jailor was baptised,he and all his household, straight away.

After that they all sat down and shared a meal together rejoicing and praising God for the wonderful things he had done.


The next day the magistrates asked Paul and Silas to leave their city. They realized that they had thrown them into prison without even finding out what they had done wrong. They were afraid now that they might get into trouble. Paul and  Silas went ,but first they called at Lydia’s house Paul exhorted the ecclesia there and then they went on their way.

Years  later Paul wrote a later to the ecclesia at philippi and we can read it today in our Bibles. It is called the Epistle or Latter to the Philippians. They were always his friends and helped him in his work. He called them his ” joy and crown”.


God is in control of all that happens on the earth. If it is His will he can cause an earthquake to deliver His servants.  Paul and Silas helped the jailor and his house hold to learn the Truth, even though they were suffering from being beaten.  We must learn the Truth and then try to help other people to learn the Truth too, no matter how hard it may be for us to do so.

* At midnight God sent an earthquake which freed Paul and Silas.

* The jailor keeled,Troubling  at the feet of Paul and Silas.

*They told the jailor how he could be saved and preached the Gospel to him.

*The jailor bathed their backs.

*The jailor and his household were baptized.

*We can read the letter that  Paul wrote to the Philippians in the Bible.

*Even when they were suffering,Paul and Silas preached the word of God.


“Come over and help us”

<<To show how the word of God was spread further and faith made Paul and Silas fearless in a time of trouble>>


Paul was on another journey ,this time with a disciple named Silas.  One night he saw a vision.(A vision is like a dream, but it is  given by God,to tell the person who sees it something that He especially wants him to know). In this vision saw a man of Macedonia , a country just across the sea from where paul was staying. The man in the vision said,”The man in the vision said, “Come over into Macedonia and help us.”


Paul always went wherever God, by his Holy Spirit , sent him. So straight away he got into a ship and sailed to Macedonia and came to the main city there  called Philippi. On the sabbath day they went out of the city by a riverside. People gathered there to pray. Paul Silas knew it would be good place for preaching and they sat down and spoke to the women who came.One of the women was called Lydia. She was a seller of purple cloth and dye. Lydia already worshipped God and was glad to hear Paul and Silas. God knew what was in her heart and through the words of Paul and Silas, helped her understand the Truth. She took careful notice of the things they spoke and she  believed them. Quite soon Lydia was baptised, as well as all the people in her house. She asked Paul and Silas to stay with her for a while in her home.


There was a young girl in Philippi who sick in her mind. She worked for some wicked men who pretended that she could really tell what was going to happen in the days ahead. People gave them money to hear her speak. So her masters were glad she was ill. It made them rich. Day after day she had followed Paul and Silas. She met Paul and Silas as they were on their way to preach. She called out, “These men are the servants of the Most High God which way she said it over and over, crying out loudly in a sill away showed how sick she was. Paul felt sad and he turned and spoke to her and healed her of her sickness.   She became a normal, sensible girl.


When the masters of the girl saw that they would not be able to use her to make money any more, they were angry and dragged Paul and Silas to market  place to the rulers of the city.


The magistrates tore of the cost of Paul and Silas and had them beaten many time until their backs were very sore and bleeding. Then they cast them into prison, telling the jailor to keep them safely. To make sure they could not escape, the jailor put them into the inner prison. Their feet were locked tightly in wooden stocks. The jailor knew he would be put to death if his prisoners  got away. He did not want that to happen.


But Paul and Silas did not worry about what might happen. At midnight the other prisoners heard them singing hymns and praying to God,  for Paul and Silas knew that He was watching over all that was going on. In our next lesson we will learn the exciting things that happened after midnight.


God, in His wisdom, knows all things. he knew there were lots people in Macedonia whose hearts were ready to hear the gospel and obey its call. So it was God who led Paul and Silas there so that people could learn the Truth and be baptised. Let us always keep our hearts and minds open to hear  Gods’s Word and obey it, just like Lydia

Remember these points:-

*Paul saw a vision of a man from Macedonia saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.”

*Paul set sail for Philippi in Macedonia straight away.

*Lydia believed the words of Paul and Silas and she and her household were baptised.

*The young girl with the sick mind followed Paul and Silas.

*Paul healed her of the sickness.

*The young girl masters accused Paul and Silas of making a disturbance.

*They were beaten and placed in stocks in the inner prison.

*At midnight they sang hymns and prayed to God.

*Our hearts and minds must always be open to receive instruction from the Word of God.

Glory to the Lord.

God  Bless


“Turn unto the living God which made heaven and earth”

<< To show that we must worship the living God, and sometimes we must suffer for the truth.>>


Paul and Barnabas  came to a city named Lystra. Most of the people in Lystra believed that there were many gods.  But they  were wrong. There is only one God. At Lystra there was a man who was crippled in his feet. He had been crippled ever since he was born. He had never walked. Not even once. When Paul preached the Gospel there, the poor lame man heard him. Paul looked  very carefully at the man sitting there and he saw that he was very interested in what was being said. He had the faith to be healed.


Paul said to him with a loud voice, “Stand upright on thy feet.” And the lame man did just that! He leaped up on his feet and walked! God had healed him.


The people of Lystra thought that Paul and Barnabas had healed the lame man by their own power. They decided that  Paul and Barnabas must be two of gods that they worshipped. They said, “The gods have come down to us in the shape of a man.” The  priest of Jupiter  and Paul Mercurius.  The priest of Jupiter even prepared animals to sacrifice to them. He brought oxen decorated with garlands  of leaves and flower  to the gate of the city to sacrifice there.


As soon as Paul and Barnabas realised what was happening they were very upset. They ran among the people saying, “Sirs, why do you do these things? We are only men like  you. We have preached to you that you might  turn away from these wicked  and the sea  and all things that live in them.” And  thought they spoke to the people like this they could hardly stop them sacrificing to them.


Then  some wicked Jews from Antioch and Iconium came along. they had followed Paul and Barnabas just so that they could warn the people of Lystra against them. The people took notice of these wicked men and started to throw stones at Paul. He was badly injured.  When he fell down, the dragged him out of the city and left him there. They thought he was dead.


But as the believers were standing sadly around Paul, he got up against and went bravely back into the city. The next day he left Lystra. Paul was often hurt like that as he traveled about preaching the Gospel. “it is only thought much tribulation that we can enter into the kingdom of God”, he  said to his friends. “the sufferings of this Present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.”

Brief: Paul love the truth of God and was prepared to suffer even stoning so that other people might hear  believe it. We also must not worry what people think of us when we speak the Gospel  to them.

*There is only one God.

*The lame man of Lystra listened to the Gospel preached by Paul and had faith.

*The lame man was healed by God.

* The people thought Paul and Barnabas were gods.

* Paul and Barnabas  tried to turn the people  to the one true God

*Paul was  stoned and dragged out of Lystra, but he got up and went back into the city.

* Paul said, “It  is only though much tribulation we can enter the Kingdom of God.”

In God nothing is impossible.


” Lo,we turn to the gentiles”

To show how glad the Gentiles were to hear the Gospel.


God had a special work for Paul and Barnabas to do .They went forth to spread the Gospel, or the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ. Travelling by sailing boat and on foot they went from place to place preaching in the synagogues in Asia, They came to a town named Antioch in Pisidia. It was a busy town with many markets,and was a good place to preach the gospel because so many people passed through there .


In Antioch Paul and Barnabas prepared themselves to speak to the people . they did this in every city or Town as soon as possible after arriving there .On the Sabbath day they went into the synagogue and sat down.The synagogue was the place where the Jews met together to read the Bible and to be taught about it. After the readings the rulers of the synagogue said to Paul and Barnabas ,”If you have any word of exhortation for the people ,say on.”


Paul stood up and spoke to the people.” Men of Israel and ye that fear God” ,he said . Listen carefully. The God of Israel brought His people out of Egypt and into the land of Canaan. Later he promised King David that one of his sons would sit on David’s throne forever, and be the saviour of Israel.That saviour has come and his name is Jesus.The people and rulers of Jerusalem killed him,but God raised him from the dead. If yo believe in him,God will forgive your sins.

Many of the Jews and Gentiles were so interested in what Paul had said , that they asked paul and Barnabas to tell them more about the things of God.

During the following week a lot of people heard about Paul and Barnabas.and the next sabbath almost all the city came to hear the word of God.


When the rulers of the Jews saw the crowds of people who had come to hear these two strangers they were filled with envy.They kept interrupting Paul and arguing with him.They were very rude and tried to prove that Paul and Barnabas were wrong.


Then Paul and Barnabas spoke out boldly.They said ” it was necessary that the word of God should first be spoken to you,but seeing ye put it from you and Judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life ,lo,we turn to the Gentiles”  When the Gentiles heard this they were glad. Many gave praise to God by believing what Paul had taught and by being baptized. And the Truth became known thought all the district.

But the Jealous Jews stirred up a lot of trouble for paul and Barnabas and finally made them leave the city.


As Paul and Barnabas left ,They shook the Jews of that city and the leaders that they were guilty,because they refused to hear the Gospel.


Brief:  The Gentiles in Paul’s day were very glade that God had sent Paul and Barnabas to teach them the good news of the Kingdom.We are very glade today too, that God has shown us the way to be saved.We must show Him how grateful we are by believing what is taught in the Bible  and being baptized. We do not want to be like those Jews who did not want to hear what is written in the Bible.


* Paul and Barnabas traveled by boat and on foot as they went to preach the Gospel in the synagogues in Asia.

* On the Sabbath day at Antioch in the synagogues, Paul spoke to the people about Jesus Christ and the Good news of the King dom.

* Many Jews and gentiles wanted to hear more of the thing of God.

* The Jews became Jealous and refused to listen.

* Paul and Barnabas spoke boldly and told the Jews that because they would not hear the gospel massage and did not care about eternal life then would preach to the Gentiles.


Good Understanding,



” Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work where unto  I have called them.”

To show how God provides special workers to teach the Good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ.”


God had a special work for Paul to do .Remember that the Lord Jesus had said,”He is a chosen vessel unto me.”(Lesson 7)He was the apostle special chosen to travel to many countries preaching the Gospel to Jews and Gentiles. On his journey he had helpers. The first of these helpers was a disciple named Barnabas.

One day while Paul and Barnabas were worshiping together with some other disciples,God spoke to them and said, “separate me Barnabas and Saul (that is ,Paul) for the work w hereunto I have called them.” There was no doubt that God was calling them to leave their brethren and preach the gospel to others.


Their first journey was across the sea to the island of Cyprus. When they landed they looked for the synagogue. They always did this first ,so that they could teach their Jewish brethren about the Lord Jesus Christ. So they traveled from one end of the island to the other till they came to paphos,the chief city of Cyprus.


At paphos they met the Roman governor,sergius Paul. He was a sensible man and listened carefully to what paul and Barnabas had to say.He became very interested and asked them to tell him more about the word of God . But there was another man there with the governor,who tried to stop him listening to the apostles.His name was Elymas and he was a false prophet,a jew who told lies.He argued with Paul and Barnabas and wanted the governor to take no  notice of what they said.


Paul could tell what a wicked man Elymus was .He knew that he was speaking lies to turn the governor away from hearing the Gospel.God would teach Elymas a lesson.. He gave Paul the power to perform an amazing miracle to punish Elymas.

” The hand of the Lord is upon thee”,Paul said to Elymas ,”and thou shalt be blind,not seeing the sun for a season.Straight away darkness fell upon him and he had to ask for someone to lead him by the hand.

The Governor was astonished .This amazing miracle was enough to make him believe the thhings that Paul had been speaking about the Gospel.

See how hard Paul and Barnabas worked to preach the Gospel.They went on long and tiring journeys wherever God sent them.They never complained even when people would not listen to the word of God,but kept on preaching.  We too must learn to understand the gospel and make sure that we teach others the truth too.That is what God wants us to do.

Brief: * Paul was specially chosen to preach the gospel.

*He had helpers such as Barnabas.

*They went to Cyprus.

*They spoke in the synagogue first.

At pap-hos the governor listened carefully.

*Elymas,the false prophet, argued with Paul and Barnabas.

*God gave Paul power to make Elymas blind.

*The governor was amazed at the miracle and believed.


” Prayer was made without ceasing”

To show the power of God .He is with those who put their faith and trust in Him.


Herod was a very cruel and wicked king and he liked to please the leaders of the people.He had taken the apostle James and killed him with the sword.He was beheaded.The rulers of the Jews were very happy about this. They did not like the apostles,because they spoke about jesus. Herod sent his soldiers out to arrest Peter and then locked him up inside the prison.sixteen soldiers were told to keep watch to make sure that Peter did not escape! They took it in turns-four soldiers at a time.


All the time Peter was in prison,the ecclesia in Jerusalem gathered together and kept praying for his safety.They  knew that only God could save Peter now.


Then,the very night before Herod was to have Peter Killed an amazing thing happened. Peter was  a sleep with two soldiers chained to him.At the door two more soldiers kept guard Suddenly angel appeared before Peter and all the room was filled with light.The angel woke Peter by striking him on His side and said, Arise up quickly Peter stood up . The heavy chains which had held him to the soldiers now fell to the floor. “Gather up your clothes and put on your sandals”,said the angel.Peter did so.

Now put on your cloak and follow me” peter obeyed the angel but it seemed to him that it was all happening in a dream. They passed the first guard and then the second and came  to the iron which led to the city.To Peter’s surprise the gate opened without anybody touching it. The angel led one street with him,suddenly disappeared.

when peter saw where he was he realized that he had not been dreaming at all. He said ,now I know it is true that God sent His angel and rescued me from Herod.


Peter hurried to the house where many of the brethren and sisters were gathered praying for was the house of Mary,the mother of  John Mark. Peter knocked at the out side gate and a girl called Rhoda came to ask who was there.When she heard Peter’s voice she was so excited that,instead of letting Peter in she ran and told every one that Peter was standing outside at Gate.”You must be mad” they replied.Even though they had been praying for peter  to be set free,they did not believe that God could have answered their prayers just like that.Rhoda was sure it was Peter.”It must have been a messenger from him,” they said.

But Peter kept on knocking.when they opened the door they found it really on knocking. when they opened the door they found it really was Peter just as Rhoda had told them.They were amazed but overjoyed that God had delivered him out of the prison. Peter told the brethren and sisters all about his escape and asked them to tell the other brethren. He then left for another place where he would be safe from Herod and the rulers of the Jews.


Back at the prison,very early in the morning as among as soon as the daylight appeared,there was a great commotion among the guards. Whatever had become of Peter? Herod searched for him too and when he could not be found,Herod questioned the guards . Then he had them put to death. what a wicked man he was.But not long after that ,God sent an awful disease upon Herod and he died.

Brief  :  The brethren and sisters earnestly prayed to God for Peter to be let out of prison but they were very surprised when he was set free! Let us always remember that God hears the prayers of those who truly believe and trust him.He answers our prayers in the way that He knows is best.

  • Herod , a wicked king ,wanted to please the rulers of the Jews by killing Peter.
  • While Peter was in prison the ecclesia prayed earnestly for his safety.
  • An angel appeared in the night and led Peter out of the locked,heavenly guarded prison.
  • Peter went to the house where the brethren and sisters had been praying.
  • God answers the prayers of those who put their faith and trust in him.
  • The wicked are always punished.



” God has shown me  I should not call any man unclean”

To show that salvation is for all men of any nation and that there is only one way acceptable to God.


Cornelius was a roman centurion who lived at caesarea. Even though he was the Captain of one hundred soldiers,he wanted to learn about God.He always played to God and gave away a lot of money to poor people.He even built a synagogue for the Jews to worship in ,but they still looked on him as a gentile; he was a roman centurion and not a Jew.

One day an angel of God appeared to him and called him ” Cornelius!”

Cornelius felt afraid. “What is it, Lord?” he said . The angel answered,: God has heard your prayers and knows about your good works.Now send men to Joppa and call for one Simon,whose surname is Peter. He is staying with Simon,the tanner,whose house is by the seaside. he will tell you what you ought to do.”

As soon as the angel left, Cornelius called two of his servants and a faithful soldier.He told them what had happened and sent them to Joppa to call peter.


Peter was in Joppa just as the angel had said.He was staying with Simon the tanner .( A tanner is a man who works with the Skins of dead animals to turn them into leather.)  At about midday peter went up to the top of the house to pray.As he prayed he became very hungry. Suddenly he saw a vision. It seemed to him as though the heavens opened and something was coming down to him.It was like a big sheet, tied together by the four corners and let down to the earth. Inside the sheet were all kinds of animals,creeping things and birds.

Peter heard a voice” Rise,Peter,Kill and eat.” But Peter answered ” No,Lord, for I have never eaten anything that is unclean.” The animals inside the sheet were the kinds which he had never eaten before. In the Law of Moses God had said that His people were only to eat clean animals.

Then the voice spoke again and said, ” what God has cleansed ,you must not call unclean.”

Three times this happened,and then the sheet was drawn back into heaven. Peter was very puzzled as he tried to work out the meaning of the stranger vision.


Then,just at the very same time ,the three men from Cornelius came to the gate of Simon’s house. They asked to see Peter.

Peter was still on the housetop wondering about the vision.God spoke to Peter ,” Thee men are looking for you .Go down and go with them doubting nothing: for I have sent them.” Peter went downstairs and found the men.” I am the man you are looking for” he said. Why have you come? They replied,” Cornelius,the centurion,a good man who fear God ,was warned by God’s holy angel to send for you and to hear the words you have to say.

So the next morning Peter went with them to Caesarea.


Cornelius was waiting for them.He had asked his friends and relations to gather at his house.Never before had Peter the jew , Had anything to do for with the gentiles,but now he went right inside the house of Roman Centurion. Now Peter was beginning to know the reason why god had sent the strange vision.Peter and the Jews thought that the gentiles were like unclean animals and had no hope of being in God’s Kingdom. Peter needed to understand that Gentiles would learn and obey the gospel too. They were not to be thought of as ” unclean” any more.

Peter said to Cornelius,” You know how  that it is not permitted for a Jew to come to see a Gentile. But God has shown me that I should not call any man unclean. Tell me now,why you have sent for me?”

Cornelius explained about the angel and his message. Peter said” Now I can see that God does not make any difference between Jews and Gentiles ,but He accepts everyone who worships him in truth.” Peter went on to tell Cornelius all about the things which Jesus did and how he said, “Jesus commanded us to preach to the people .Every one who believes shall have their sins forgiven.


As Peter spoke these words,the Holy spirit came on Cornelius and on all who heard his words.Peter was amazed,for they could speak in different languages too.Now he knew for certain that God had accepted these Gentiles.He said,”These people should be baptized.” And they were.

They asked Peter to stay with them for a while too. what a happy time it would be for them to speak together of the wonderful things God had done for them and of His coming Kingdom.

To day we are Going to learn that  Ever though Cornelius prayed to God and was kind to the poor,he still had to believe the Gospel and be baptized in order to have his sins forgiven and to seek a place in God’s kingdom.It is not enough just to be nice people. we must believe what God says in the Bible and obey the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember that :

*Cornelius was a gentile,a Roman Centurion who wanted to learn of God.

*God told him to send for Peter.

Peter was shown a vision of unclean animals and told to kill and eat.

*He preached the Gospel to Cornelius and his family.

*The Holy Spirit cam upon them and they were baptized.

Faith and trust in God

Tabitha Arise


” Tabitha ,arise!” To show that those who are faithful workers for Jesus will be rewarded. able to raise Tabitha from the dead through the power of God. When Jesus comes back to the earth he will raise from the dead, those who have been faithful to him This is called the resurrection. Tabitha (or Dorcas) had been faithful sister in the  Ecclesiastes. She loved the Truth and she helped everyone with clothes that she had made. She was especially kind to the widows who had no one else to help them because their husbands had died.God is always pleased when we do our best in any small way to help others.

Tabitha in an other name Dorcas, a true follower of Jesus,lived at Joppa.
She became sick and died.
Peter through the power of God raised Tabitha  to life again.
Many people in Joppa believed the Gospel.
We know those who have been faithful and have died will be raised from the dead.




” Saul ,Saul ,why persecutest thou me?”

To show that true Zeal for God must be founded on beleif and obedience.

In the beginning of this story we learn that saul thought he was serving God by being cruel to the followers of Jesus. But he was really God’s enemy until he saw the risen Jesus. Then he repented and God forgave him.

God had chosen Saul for an important work.He was to preach the Gospel to the gentiles. It is because Paul did his work well then that we are able to know about the Truth today. we are glad that God chose saul of Tarsus and changed him to paul the apostle. Saul had been full of zeal for God ,but his thinking was all wrong. It was just as though he was blind.when God changed his heart he used that zeal for  the work of the Truth of the Gospel. We should feel just as excited about the work of spreadding the Gospel too.

*Saul was going to Dasmascus to bring any followers of jesus back to prison in jerusalem.

*Near Damascus a bright light blinded saul and jesus spoke to him.

*Ananias was sent by Jesus to saul ” He is a chosen vessel unto me.”

*For three days  and three nights saul waited and prayed.

* When Ananias came he put his hands on saul and he could see.

* Saul was baptised.

*His name was later changed to paul.

*The jews hated him because he now taught about jesus the son of God ,and the good News of the Kingdom.

Thanks for your Understanding.

God Bless.

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