” For The Hope of Israel I am bound with this chain” Acts 28:19-20

To show how the word of God  came to be preached at  Rome and to show that Paul’s whole life was an except of faith that we should follow. (ACTS 28:11-31)


The people of Melita had been very kind to Paul .after three months when winter was passed,the centurion put all the prisoners on a ship again and they sailed for Italy.

Rome was not  near the sea.They had to land at a place called Puteoli and travel by road from there.


Even through Paul had not been to puteoli before,there were people there who made him welcome. They were believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. They asked Paul to stay there for seven days with them. The centurion must have felt very friendly to Paul by now ,for he let stay .


Then the prisoners and the centurion set out along  the road to Rome. But there were brethren and sisters in Rome as well and they came a long way down the road to meet Paul and travel back to Rome with him. In Rome the other prisoners were put in the prison,but  Paul was allowed to rent a house and receive visitors. There was a soldier chained to him all the time because he was still regarded as a prisoner.


Paul did not stop preaching  the Gospel. First of all he called the chief Jews to his house and preached the Gospel to them.For God had said ” to the Jews first and then to the  gentiles. ” Paul said to them ” For the Hope of Israel I am bound with this chain.” He told them that Jesus was the King whom God had promised their nation.He would return and setup God’s Kingdom. The things he taught them could all be found in the Law of Moses and the prophets.  Some believed the things he said . Some did not.” Let it be known to you” said  Paul, “That the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles , and they will hear it.”

When he had said these words the Jews went away and spent a lot time arguing over what Paul had said.


The apostle Paul,the servant of God , was kept very busy while he was a prisoner . God had determined to bring him to Rome and now he had a lot of work to do ..Brethren from other places came and visited him and brought him messages from their ecclesias. as well as teaching the Truth he wrote many letters called”epistles” In the bible the Truth he wrote many letters called” epistles” in the Bible.An ” epistle” is a letter.  He wrote these epistles to many Ecclesias ,and we can read some of them in our Bible. So we can still learn today what Paul wrote to the brethren and sisters long ago.

Even though Paul is now dead, we know God will raise him again when the lord Jesus Christ returns and reward him with eternal life.How important it is then that we carefully read those things that Paul has written and believe them.

They are not Just Paul’words. They are the words which God guided him to write.

Brief:  In all imprisonment Paul never lost his faith > he was content to be wherever it was God’s will to send him.God kept His promise to bring Paul to Rome .Paul kept on working as God’s servant all the time that he was a prisoner.He wrote letters to the Ecclesias to teach them about God and to help them understand the truth.Paul is dead now waiting for the resurrection. He has left us with a hope of life , If we believe all that he wrote and follow hiss good example.

We remember That :

* When Paul reached Puteoli he was met by believers who wanted him to stay for seven days.

*Paul stayed in his own rented house in Rome.

* Paul Preached to the Jews first then to the Gentiles.

*Paul wrote many letters to Ecclesias from Rome.

*We can read some of them in the Bible today.

* Paul is dead now but will be raised to life again when Jesus comes back to the earth.

*We must believe everything that Paul wrote and try very hard to follow his good example.

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