” So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owns this girdle”

To show Paul’s faith as he bravely faced the trials before  him, knowing that God was working in his life.


Paul was going back to Jerusalem.When he came to caesarea,there was a prophet there named Agabus,who could prophesy by the power of the holy spirit.He tied it around his own hands and feet ” Thus saith.He  said ” So  shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owneth this girdle,and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.” So Paul knew that he would be taken prisoner in Jerusalem, but he went there anyway.


When Paul arrived in Jerusalem,all the brethren were glad to see him. Paul told them the wonderful things that God had done through him among the Gentiles. Everyone joined in praise to God when they heard these things.


Some of the Jews whom Paul had argued against during his journeys saw him in the Temple.They did not like Paul teaching to the Gentiles. They liked to think God only cared about Jews. So they caught hold of him and cried out, Men of Israel! Help! This is the man that teacheth all men everywhere against the people,and the law of Moses, and this Temple. He has brought Gentiles also into the Temple,and hath polluted this holy place.”   Of course,this was not true,but the news spread rapidly through the crowd.People came running from all directions. They seized Paul and dragged him out. Then they shut the doors of the Temple and set about to kill him.


In Jerusalem there was a band of Roman soldiers in charge of the city.When the chief Captain heard that Jerusalem was in an uproar, he immediately ran down into the city with centurions and soldiers. The people were so crazy that they would have killed Paul.But when they saw the Chief Captain and soldiers coming,they stopped beating him and stood back. The Chief Captain arrested Paul and Commanded his soldiers to bind him with two chains. Paul was a Roman prisoner now.


The Chief Captain demanded out one thing,and some shouted something else.The Chief captain could not  understand what they all meant because of the noise.So he ordered Paul to be brought into the castle.The soldiers actually had to carry Paul,because the crowd was so violent.   As he was led up the steps into the castle,Paul said to the Chief Captain,” I beseech thee,allow me to speak to the people.” The Chief Captain gave him permission.   So Paul stood on the stairs and held up his hand. Then everyone became quiet and listened.


Paul spoke to all the people in the Hebrew language. He told them that Jesus Christ had appeared to him on the  road to Damascus long ago,and had told him to preach the Truth to all men. God had even told him that he was sending him to the Gentiles.

As soon as Paul said the word ” Gentiles” the people who had been very quiet until then, started to shout out loudly again.

” AWAY WITH SUCH A FELLOW FROM THE EARTH, FOR IT IS NOT FIT THAT HE SHOULD LIVE!”  They cried. They could not believe that God wanted to save gentiles as well. They thought that God was only interested in Jews like themselves.


When all the shouting started again, the Chief Captain took Paul right inside the castle.      So the words which God had spoke through  Agabus had come to pass .Paul had been terribly beaten,and now he was a prisoner at Jerusalem! But this evil which had fallen upon Paul was really all part of God’s plan. God was making a way open for Paul to visit Rome.

Brief:   The word of God through the prophet Agabus had come to pass. God’s word always does! Paul had been badly beaten and made a prisoner,all because he was teaching about Christ and the Kingdom of God.But he never lost his faith,even in trouble.

We must remember that:

* Agubus the prophet showed Paul that he would be a prisoner in Jerusalem.

*The brethren at Jerusalem welcomed Paul.

*Paul’s enemies set about to kill him.

* The Chief Captain arrested Paul.

*The chief Captain allowed Paul to speak to the people.

*When Paul mentioned ” the Gentiles” the people became angry again.

* God was making a way opened for Paul to go to Rome.

* We should trust in God at all times and He will deliver us in times of trouble.

We should be like Paul and trust in God at all times and He will deliver us in times of trouble.

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