” Trouble not yourselves, for his life is in him”

To show God’s power in raising to life again people that have  died.


It was night time in the city of Troas. In one room, high up on the third floor of a house , many oil lamps were burning.It was the first day of the week and the followers of jesus had met there to break bread and drink wine,as Jesus had commanded. Everyone in the crowded room was listening very carefully to paul as he spoke to them from the Bible.


The apostle paul had been at Troas for six days now ,but on the next day he had to leave them.He was on his way back to jerusalem. Knowing that he would never again see the brethren at Troas until the Kingdom should come, Paul had many things to say to them.They must have been only too glad to listen,because paul went on speaking until midnight.


There was a young lad named Eutychus sitting on the window sill listening to paul. After Paul had been speaking for a long time,Eutychus became drowsy.His eyes closed, his had nodded,and soon he fell sound a sleep. Then,while Paul was still speaking,Eutychus fell right out of the window and down onto the street,three stories bellow.When the people lifted him up.he was dead, killed by the fall from the window.


Horrified,the disciples rushed down the stairs. What a terrible thing to happen! When they found that Eutychus was dead,they were shocked and very sad. But just as  God had given Jesus the power to raise up the dead ,so He gave this power to his apostle Paul. Paul fell upon Eutychus and put his arms around him.”Don’t be frightened” he said to the disciples.He is alive” And so he was.Eutychus had been brought back to life.


With hearts full of thankfulness,the disciples returned to the upper room.With their own eyes,they had seen God’s power to raise the dead to life again  Now they broke the bread and drank the wine to remind them of how jesus had died and God had raised him up again.They were very much comforted and their faith was strengthened by the great miracle they had just seen!


Paul went on speaking through the early hours of the morning ,encouraging them to be faithful to the words he had taught them from the Bible.If they remained faithful,they,too,would be goven life from the dead at the return of the Lord Jesus christ.

But now the day was breaking and Paul had to leave for Jerusalem.He knew that they would bind him with chains and put him in prison there.But he too took courage from the miracle that had just happened.He also would die,but God’s power would raise him at the return of Jesus ,and we know that Paul will  be amongst those who will live forever in God’s kingdom.

Brief:   Eutychus was a young man who wanted to hear God’s word,but he grew tired,and fell from his seat on the window ledge and died.God’s power to raise the dead was shown when the apostle Paul brought him back to life again. Eutychus had the opportinity to continue his study of eternallife at the return of Jesus,If he remained must we learn from the word of God and be baptised and continue to obey God that we too may be given life eternal when Jesus returns to the earth.

Remember that:

* Paul spoke to the people in a third floor room at Troas.

*Eutychus wennt to sleep and was killed when he fell out of the window.

*By God’s power Paul made Eutychus alive again.

* The disciples returned to the upper room and broke bread and drank wine.

* Next morning Paul left Troas to go to Jerusalem.

* We must believe and be baptised and continue to obey God so that we may find a place in the kingdom when Jesus returns to the earth.

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