” What must I do to be saved?”

To show God’s power to save those who are His and that good may come of trouble.


Paul and Silas were in the prison at Philippi. Their feet were locked in the stocks.It was midnight and those two faithful brethren were praying and singing praises to God. The other prisoners there heard them.

Suddenly there was a great earthquake.  The foundations of the prison shook and the doors of the prison burst open.

All the prisoners’chains fell off.

The jailor woke up with a start and saw that the prison doors were open.He thought that all the prisoners had escaped and that he would be put to death.So he took out his sword to kill himself.


But Paul called out in a loud voice, “Do yourself no harm: for we are all here.” The jailor called for a light .He ran into the prison, trembling and keeled at the feet of Paul and Silas. When he had brought them out he said,”Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

They said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ ,and thou shalt be saved,and thy house.” And they preached the Gospel to the jailor and his household,then and there.  Next,the jailor gently bathed Paul and Silas’sore backs where they had been beaten. How humble he would have been to think that Paul and Silas’ sufferings had made it possible for him to learn the Truth and be saved. Then the jailor was baptised,he and all his household, straight away.

After that they all sat down and shared a meal together rejoicing and praising God for the wonderful things he had done.


The next day the magistrates asked Paul and Silas to leave their city. They realized that they had thrown them into prison without even finding out what they had done wrong. They were afraid now that they might get into trouble. Paul and  Silas went ,but first they called at Lydia’s house Paul exhorted the ecclesia there and then they went on their way.

Years  later Paul wrote a later to the ecclesia at philippi and we can read it today in our Bibles. It is called the Epistle or Latter to the Philippians. They were always his friends and helped him in his work. He called them his ” joy and crown”.


God is in control of all that happens on the earth. If it is His will he can cause an earthquake to deliver His servants.  Paul and Silas helped the jailor and his house hold to learn the Truth, even though they were suffering from being beaten.  We must learn the Truth and then try to help other people to learn the Truth too, no matter how hard it may be for us to do so.

* At midnight God sent an earthquake which freed Paul and Silas.

* The jailor keeled,Troubling  at the feet of Paul and Silas.

*They told the jailor how he could be saved and preached the Gospel to him.

*The jailor bathed their backs.

*The jailor and his household were baptized.

*We can read the letter that  Paul wrote to the Philippians in the Bible.

*Even when they were suffering,Paul and Silas preached the word of God.

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