Tabitha Arise


” Tabitha ,arise!” To show that those who are faithful workers for Jesus will be rewarded. able to raise Tabitha from the dead through the power of God. When Jesus comes back to the earth he will raise from the dead, those who have been faithful to him This is called the resurrection. Tabitha (or Dorcas) had been faithful sister in the  Ecclesiastes. She loved the Truth and she helped everyone with clothes that she had made. She was especially kind to the widows who had no one else to help them because their husbands had died.God is always pleased when we do our best in any small way to help others.

Tabitha in an other name Dorcas, a true follower of Jesus,lived at Joppa.
She became sick and died.
Peter through the power of God raised Tabitha  to life again.
Many people in Joppa believed the Gospel.
We know those who have been faithful and have died will be raised from the dead.


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