” Saul ,Saul ,why persecutest thou me?”

To show that true Zeal for God must be founded on beleif and obedience.

In the beginning of this story we learn that saul thought he was serving God by being cruel to the followers of Jesus. But he was really God’s enemy until he saw the risen Jesus. Then he repented and God forgave him.

God had chosen Saul for an important work.He was to preach the Gospel to the gentiles. It is because Paul did his work well then that we are able to know about the Truth today. we are glad that God chose saul of Tarsus and changed him to paul the apostle. Saul had been full of zeal for God ,but his thinking was all wrong. It was just as though he was blind.when God changed his heart he used that zeal for  the work of the Truth of the Gospel. We should feel just as excited about the work of spreadding the Gospel too.

*Saul was going to Dasmascus to bring any followers of jesus back to prison in jerusalem.

*Near Damascus a bright light blinded saul and jesus spoke to him.

*Ananias was sent by Jesus to saul ” He is a chosen vessel unto me.”

*For three days  and three nights saul waited and prayed.

* When Ananias came he put his hands on saul and he could see.

* Saul was baptised.

*His name was later changed to paul.

*The jews hated him because he now taught about jesus the son of God ,and the good News of the Kingdom.

Thanks for your Understanding.

God Bless.

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