<<Lord, lay not this sin to their charge>>

To show how important it is to understand and know God’s word and to obey God, for He watches over all  those who put their faith and trust in Him.

What we can learn?

When Stephen was brought before the sanhedrin,he knew what to say,because he had studied the Bible and God helped him.We must study the Bible too.We must let God’s words enter into our mind and heart.The Jews,who did not like the things that Stephen said ,thought that God lived in the Temple,built by Herod. But God is in heaved.He waches over us if we put our faith and trust in him. We must always remember that it does not matter where we worship God ,but how we worship Him.

Stephen  will rise from the dead when jesus comes back to the earth. And if ,when we grow older,we are faithful and obedient to God’s will.God will raise us from the dead too. Then we can live in the Kingdom with Stephen was to forgive his enemies.we will probably never have to put up with people throwing stones at us ,but whatever people do to hurt us we must be ready to love our enemies and forgive them.

  • Stephen was ayoung man chosen to help the Apostles in preaching the Gospel.Because he taught that Jesus was the son of God,He was brought before the Jewish sanhedrin.
  • He reminded them of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob and of Moses and Joshua,Who all worshipped god and pleased Him before there was a Temple.
  • God is everywhere by His spirit which fills heaven and earth. He does not live in a temple
  • He spoke of the prophets and how the people of Israel had continually hurt and killed them.And now theyhad killed the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • For this the santhedrin took him out of the city to stone him,placing their coats at Saul’s feet.
  • Stephen Knelt and prayed that God woul forgive these men ,then he died.
  • Stephen will be raised from the dead when the Lord jesus Christ returns to the earth to …………………………………

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