You  have not lied unto men but unto God.

To show that God knows our very thoughts.We cannot hide anything from Him;so we must serve Him sincerely.

We must not think that we can hide things from God. He even knows our thoughts,though we might try to keep them secret! If we try to hide things from God we may not fall down dead,but we can be sure that God will punish us when jesus returns to the earth again.We must remember that it is much more important to obey God than to receive the praise of men.

Many people sold some of their land and houses and brought the money to the apostles to help those in need.

Ananias and sapphira sold some land and brought some of the money to the apostles pretending it was all the money they got.They wanted praise for what they had done.

They were really telling a lie. They lied to God,Peter knew this by the power of the Holy spirit. Both Ananias and Sapphira died.

God used His Holy spirit not only to heal ,but to pinish as well.

How Important it is that we remember to obey God , for He knows our very thoughts .We cannot hide anything from His all-seeing eyes.

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