I want to tell you,Repent and be baptized,every one of you”

To show how God gave His special power, the Holy spirit,which enabled the apostles to preach the Gospel and news about the Kingdom of God the Name of Jesus Christ.

God gave the apostles His Holy Spirit so that they could teach the people.God wanted the people to change their ways and be babtised . the things that the apostles  said are now written in the Bible ,so that we can learn them too. when we understand and believe the gospel,that is the Good news about the kingdom of God and Name of Jesus Christ.

*The apostles were together in Jerusalem when there came the sound of a mighty rushing wind.

* Tongues  fire rested above each apostle and  they were able to speak in different languages and do miracles.

* The people were amazed ,some  laughed and said the apostles were drunk.

*3,000 believed the Gospel, the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ and were babtised.

*When we understand and believe the Gospel we  must be  babtised.

This is just brief of our teaching ,and if you need  To be explained  more  ,We are here to teach and answer your Questions. Do you need to be babtised? There are people who are waiting your acceptance.

Grace of God be with you.

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