God has promised to send Jesus back to set up the Kingdom.While we are waiting for him we can be busy like the disciples, learning God’s word and telling other people about our wonderful king.anyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus must teach people that jesus is coming very soon.

To show that Jesus went to heaven, but he will come back. The work that jesus did was now to be carried on by the diciples.

Remember that:
*Jesus was with his disciples for 40 days telling them what he wanted them to do after he had left them and gone to live with God.
* He told them about the kingdom which God would set up.
* They were to wait in Jerusalem for God to send Him special power , His Holy spirit, to help them.
*They were standing together on the mount of Olives when Jesus was taken up from them into heaven.
*Then two angels spoke to them and said,”Ye men of galillee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus which is taken from you into heaven ,shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.”
*We are waiting for jesus to come to the earth…..

Do you have any quastion? we are here to enswer your question through this blog.We will post this good news every week, but if you ask your question, we will enswer it any time.
You welcome, throught the name of jesus Christ ,

God bless.

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